History of Clayton Franklin
Clayton Franklin is an internationally renowned designer and manufacturer of technically immaculate, handcrafted eyewear, informed by a deep understanding of Japanese design philosophy. Founded in Sabae, Japan, a city respected globally as a creative hub for superior eyewear, the company developed a singular and innovative design aesthetic, applying technical ingenuity and a minimal outlook to the twentieth century’s seminal eyewear shapes. The result is a fusion of timeless, vintage style and cutting-edge design detail which resonates across Clayton Franklin’s profoundly well-crafted optical and sun collections.  
The inception of this unique design ethos can be traced to 1995, when a major innovator in American eyewear envisioned a ground-breaking Japanese collection, drawing on both traditional methods of craftmanship and intelligent, progressive design. The newly born company took its name from the founder’s grandfather, ‘Clayton’, and the Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin – the reputed inventor of bifocals. By the late nineties, Clayton Franklin’s designs were stocked by the foremost optical stores in America and Japan.
Today, Clayton Franklin is an industry leader, emulated by fashion brands and revered by eyewear insiders worldwide. Each piece is meticulously proportioned, gender-neutral and crafted from only the highest quality materials. By reimagining mid-century and industrial era eyewear through a contemporary lens, Clayton Franklin has originated the modern design classics of the future.
History of Glasseswebb
Glasseswebb is a creative and thought-provoking optical partnership with a commitment to vintage, bespoke and handmade eyewear. As qualified dispensing opticians and spectacle makers with over thirty-five years of industry experience, founders Tim and Mo Webb are uniquely placed to create innovative retail and marketing solutions for the world’s leading eyewear brands.
Operating fluently between retail and wholesale in both the UK and American markets, Glasseswebb have worked closely with some of the most revered and intriguing names in the independent eyewear sector, including Maybach, Hoffman Horn, Chrome Hearts, Matsuda, Blinde, Kieselstein-Cord, Takumi, Modo, ICBerlin and Eye’DC.
In 2013, their passionate and highly-informed understanding of fashion and pop-cultural heritage led to the launch of the Glasseswebb online store, an expertly curated collection of vintage and bespoke eyewear reflecting the founders’ bold and irreverent personal style ethos.  
Appointed Directors of London stores for MOSCOT in 2015, the Webb’s have acted as key collaborators in the historic company’s evolution from a New York neighbourhood optician to a global optical brand. Applying their exceptional industry expertise both digitally and off-line, Glasseswebb have built an international reputation for their dynamic projects and comprehensive approach.