Creating Quite the Spectacle




With a firm focus (no pun intended) on the finer details, Clayton Franklin brings the Japanese philosophy of refined design and modern styling to contemporary spectacles
Clayton Franklin, founded in 1995 in the city of Sabae, Japan, is a highly regarded designer and manufacturer in the international eyewear world. Based in a region famous for its eyewear industry, Clayton Franklin imbues the Japanese penchant for minimalist design and superior engineering with a little modern styling to create superlative optical and sunglasses frames. We speak with Brand Director, Tim Webb about the story so far.
First off, catch us up on the Clayton Franklin story. Where does the name come from?
Back in 1995,  a major Innovator in the American eyewear industry decided to create a unique Japanese collection that merged traditional craftsmanship with cutting edge technology. It was decided to use the owner’s grandfather’s first name of “Clayton", while “Franklin” is a nod to none other than Benjamin Franklin. Franklin is credited with having invented the first bifocal lenses. And so Clayton Franklin was born. From the late nineties onwards, Clayton Franklin has been sold in the best independent optical stores in America and Japan.
How would you describe the Clayton Franklin philosophy?
I’d say it boils down to a number of elements, each one as important as the next; thoughtful execution; handcrafted techniques; innovative technology; Japanese minimalism; exquisite detailing and, of course, perfect proportions.
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